Sunday, October 31, 2010

Growing a Human - Whoa...I'm Pregnant!!!

Cramps....sore period.....what's up???

I guess I had always envisioned figuring out I was pregnant after hanging my head in a toilet from morning sickness.  So without even a little dabble of morning sickness (......yet.....), I wasn't thinking too much of it.  Two days late on my period....I began to wonder.

I had a pregnancy test hiding in my bathroom closet (one left from a box of two from previously wondering if I was pregnant).  It was about 6:00am on Friday, March 12th.  I woke up to get ready for work and decided to settle my paranoia and pee on a stick....

......I'm pretty sure I had to rub my eyes twice and a third time and a fourth.  I must still be sleepy and I'm imagining those two lines that just appeared.  I grabbed the box - maybe I wasn't exactly even sure how to read this thing.  I'm still sitting on the toilet with my underwear around my ankles.  What exactly does one do now?  I figured the best thing was to wipe, flush, wash my hands and then.....go wake the father of my baby. 

"Umm, Adam.....wake up, please......Adam?  I need to you to wake up, please.  I may have just taken a very important test and I need so share the results.......Adam???  Please, wake up!!!"

This method was barely even effective in getting him to roll away from me to fall back asleep.  I needed another tactic. 

The most effective way of waking up a man out of a dead sleep?.....only three words are needed:  "Babe, I'm pregnant."

The rest of the morning was a blur.  My hands were shaking and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  Adam grabbed the video camera and asked me a few questions and captured some footage of the magical pregnancy test - as magical as a plastic stick that I had recently peed on can be.  I still had to go to work!!

I grabbed another test on the way to work and took it alone in a stall.  Another positive!!  I called Adam - still unable to wipe the same smile off my face.  We were pregnant!


Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

I love hearing about how people found out they were pregnant. It puts a smile on MY face.

caryl.mqt said...

Me, too. I'm smiling as well. (Wish you'd had a video of Adam waking up to those "3 little words." LOL)

Going Green with Noah said...

Oh! You may give birth on Noah's birthday! He was due on December 9th, 2009 an came on November 16th! Good Luck!



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