Monday, October 11, 2010


So I love having the ticker at the top of the blog to show the countdown for William's arrival.  I love being able to countdown to when we can "expect" him to make his big entrance (or close enough). 

However, the shocking truth that there are only 37 days left until my due date is just that....shocking! 

That means there are only about 37 days until my life will never the same again.  About 37 days until I get to fall in love as a mother for the first time.  Only about 37 days until I can wrap my arms around a baby boy that I have been waiting to meet for months!  Just about 37 more days to try to finish up the list of things to do around the house to prepare for baby while getting my last few hours of baby-free sleep (even though third trimester pregnancy sleep isn't exactly wonderful).  Likely another 37 days until my life is thrust into warp speed as we watch our baby boy grow at the speed of light!

Where did the time go?! 

William, Mommy and Daddy are so excited to meet you!!  We love you so much already!


~Katey~ said...

Newest follower here and fellow Mommy. You will be fine. DEEP breaths lol.
Please feel free to stop by and follow me back at

The Everyday Mommy said...

Found your blog on one of the hops. So nice to meet you!!

I'm excited for you!! You are certainly right about life never being the same... enjoy!

Mommy2my3girls said...

thanks for following me....great blog..congrats on 37 days left!!!

~Dawn~ said...

You have a beautiful baby bump Mama. Congrats on your soon to e new addition. Can't wait to see pics of his arrival.

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues


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