Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Blog Hop!

Good morning, good morning!!!  Another Wednesday means another Green Blog Hop!!  That's where you'll find me today!  Give a looksie at all the great green blogs there are to meet great people and get great ideas for making some baby steps towards green in your life!!  Got a green blog?  Add your link to the list to gain more visibility!!  You can start by clicking the icon below......Enjoy!


Our Japanese Sushi said...

Following you from Green Blog Hop

Anonymous said...

I found you on Green Blog Hop and now follow you on GFC. I look forward to your posts!
When you get a chance check out mine

BTW, I offer reusable AIO Pocket cloth diapers at my store too and would have no problem offering you a discount if you haven't stocked up already. I didn't use them until Gracie turned 6 months-mainly to save money, landfills and because how could I promote them on my e-commerce that I didn't use myself?
Anyhow, just a thought.
Enjoy your day!


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