Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Operation 'Flip William'

OK - I am now 36 weeks today and had my most recent OB appointment yesterday, complete with another sono to get position of baby.  Well......the little man is still in breech position.  Head is up where it has been and one leg up and another leg down.  I was very disappointed and crushed and I understand this is absolutely ridiculous!  I have had a wonderfully successful and healthy pregnancy so far and hearing myself become upset about this seems absolutely absurd!  How lucky I am!!

I was hoping to avoid a c-section if I could and this certainly doesn't put me in a position to have much of an option.  However....I will continue and give "alternative" methods a shot before I give up.  There seems to be a good amount of fluid around baby so turning still might be possible.

So the midwife recommended Spinning Babies for some resources of some harmless, at home techniques I could try.  They might not be very effective - but since they won't hurt me or the baby, why not give 'em a whirl, right?  These "methods" seem absolutely ridiculous though, it's honestly hard not to laugh. 
  • Putting ice pack where baby's head is to try to get him to move away from the cold  (my bald husband seems to think this is a fantastic idea since he knows what it's like to have a cold head, HA!)
  • Playing music or talking to the bottom of my belly so baby will follow the sound  (I'm wondering if William would like rap, pop or light rock....hmmm)
  • Laying with my hips positioned higher than my shoulders  (well sure.....I can barely get up out of bed, but let me just somehow figure out how to accomplish this for an extended period of time...I'm going to go ahead and not count on being graceful for this event)
  • Webster maneuver - still not entirely sure what this is, supposedly can help relax ligaments holding baby in place to help encourage baby to turn.
  • External Cephalic Version - this will be the last option and I'm quite nervous about this one.  Next week I will be talking to doctor on risks and benefits and see if this is something we want to try....EEK!  I would be admitted to hospital and have two doctors trying to externally (yes, pushing on my belly and baby) turn the baby - while being monitored to ensure baby is handling this just fine.
So what's a gal to do?  William might be just content and safest in the position he's in, and c-section will be the "best" way to go.  I will admit, I was sitting watching the Yankees game last night with hubs, with an ice pack on the top of my belly and Adam's Ipod and headphones on my lower belly.  I also scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor this Friday to try the Webster maneuver (and maybe once again early next week??).  Next week, I'll discuss ECV in more detail with my OB.  We'll give these things a shot and see what happens.  If little man is happy to be where he is for the next few weeks, then mommy will just have to listen to that and accept c-section as the best option to meet him!

Let Operation "Flip William" commence.....


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