Thursday, January 13, 2011

2 months in the blink of an eye....

Wasn't I just pregnant five minutes ago?  Didn't my water just break and Adam just rush me to the hospital?  Didn't I just hear my baby's cry for the first time?  Weren't we just coming home from the hospital with our new bundle of joy?  How is my baby boy two months old already? 

William is growing!! -
  • He's now smiling regularly - daddy is really good at making him laugh
  • He's starting to notice sounds and things in front of him - we finally hung the music mobile in his crib and the toy bar on his car seat because he's finally paying attention to them
  • He can hold his head up so well now!
  • He can follow things with his eyes
  • He still sleeps with his arms above his head
  • Diaper change needed?  He will always grunt to tell us so!
  • Speaking of diapers - he's finally in cloth full time!
  • Still not really sure what the heck to do with that pacifier....I think he'd rather have mommy
  • Those 0-3 month clothes?  Those are long stored away
  • Are those acorns in his cheeks?  hehe
  • He still loves his baths!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh! How very, very cute!!! He is just a little older than my little guy, Charlie (11/28)...and it does go a bit too fast!


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