Monday, January 3, 2011

Why did I bother wearing make-up?

First day back to work after nearly two months off for vacation and maternity leave and holiday...

It was a soggy day...

It started off just fine.  Fed the lil' man, made myself some breakfast, packed my lunch, showered, dressed and got everything else ready to go.  Then it was time to physically get in my car and drive myself to work for the entire day.  I went to say goodbye to my lil' "stinky" in his bassinet in our bedroom.  He was peacefully sleeping, but I had to pick him to give him a big mommy kiss and hug.  Cue the waterworks. 

I was a mess all the way to work when I finally decided, while pulling in the parking lot, that I needed to pull myself together and perhaps freshen up my make-up to not look like a weeping, sloppy mess as I walked into work after my time off.  Why did I bother to wear make-up at all?

As the hours passed and I found myself keeping busy while playing catch-up, it became easier and easier.  Adam sent me some picture texts of my baby boy at home and I had plenty ready to hang all around my desk!

I'm sure tomorrow will be even easier and it will continue to get easier.

And I get the most wonderful thing in the entire world to come home to each day!!!

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