Monday, January 24, 2011

Hands free pumping!

Today, I discovered a trick!!  Hands Free Pumping for free - check it out here: Hands Free Pumping

I know, I know...there are plenty of options for hands free pumping - bustiers, supports, special bras, really expensive pumps.  With hubby and I on a budget for the new year, we are trying to analyze the money we are spending and asking ourselves "Do we really need that?" 

A $40 support to buy so that I can play Angry Birds on my phone or text or read while pumping at work?  I think the ponytail holders will do just fine.  I've tried it several times and it works like a charm.  Now, if you see me covered in milk because this trusty system failed and I then have to make the shameful, wet walk back to my desk....then I might be investing in something else.  HA!

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

Having never, ya know, pumped anything out of my boobs ... I am TRYING to imagine boobs and pumps and pony tail holders ... and holy crap, I'm having some problems. Stupid me kept scrolling down like, "Where's the picture??? WTF are you talking about??"


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