Saturday, January 1, 2011


Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions for our diapering struggles!  William had been suffering from what seemed to be a never-ending diaper rash and until it was cleared up, we had been using 'sposies. 

His heiny is finally cleared up and we have been able to start the CDs!!  I love them.  We have been using the Rumparooz and Flips and I find both equally as easy to use and wash (I'm kinda preferring the snaps vs. hook and loop).  My hubby prefers the pocket Rumparooz. 

Even when I was still pregnant and explaining our intentions to use cloth diapers to family or friends, I would get eyebrow raises and comments that basically summed up that they thought we were absolutely crazy.  "You mean, you put them in your washer with the pee and poop?"  "You mean, you aren't going to do a diaper service?"  "That seems like a whole lot of work!"  Well, William is here and even after showing individuals the diapers....I'm still getting the same looks and comments. HA!  Maybe I'm just not a good sales person and able to sell how easy and inexpensive and eco-friendly they are!!  hehe

Yes, we are just starting off and I'm sure they'll get even easier.  And yes, we only have a 7 week old (breastfed only) with easy, peasy diapers at the moment.  But seems there is absolutely no convincing some people. 

Either way, I'm a happy lady - William's rear is finally healed and cleared up and we are finally using the cloth diapers!!  Wohoo.

What about you cloth diapering mamas out there - do you get those same looks and comments from people telling you your crazy for using CDs? 


Megan said...

People think I am crazy for CDing two. I have gotten used to the comments by now. I don't think they realize how easy it is. We love our fluff and feel like it is the best choice for our family.

b's bling selling mama said...

I still get comments & Brady is 2 years old! A lot of people who are actually interested in learning more are impressed with the quality & ease though :) Glad you're enjoying it!


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