Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Saturday Morning

Before I became a mother, I would always look forward to the weekend.  This was when I could sleep in as late as I wanted and be able to take my time in getting the things done that I didn't have time to do during the week....and really, just being able to be lazy.  Since William has come into the picture, I still look forward to the weekends.  The days of sleeping in are long gone and I am just fine with that.  After being back to work for only two weeks, I work to get things done in the evenings instead of taking that time to relax.  That way, weekends are for fun and spending time with the family!

Spent the morning playing with William and Tressel and now hubby is napping on the couch (I know, even though we practically just woke up) with lil' man sleeping on his chest.  It's not even noon and I am loving this day! 

First time playing with the activity mat from Uncle Patrick and Aunt Ariana!
I love that he's starting to notice things all around him!!

Playing with mommy

Tressel wants to play too!

I spy a funny octopus!

They are spent.....

.....I may be speaking too soon....once lil' man wakes up and eats, we are heading the gym ...first time in over five months!!  Yikes!  Part of the "Lose Baby Weight 2011" plan!  Wish me luck!

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caryl.mqt said...

What a sweet Saturday! Love these pics, especially the one where Liam is smiling at the octopus!


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