Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holy Heartburn!

So one of the normal pregnancy symptoms you hear about is infamous heartburn.  So it's only to be expected that just about any prego out there will be reaching for the Tums or Rolaids at least during some point of their pregnancy.  From my reading, this usually starts around 5 months or so (understand that it might vary with everyone). 

For someone, like myself, that has already suffered from some substantial heartburn, even pre-knocked up, I assumed I'd be used to it and prepared for what to expect......WRONG!

This makes me scared!  Because I'm saying WRONG and I'm barely 5 months and I'm suffering from heartburn that can only be described as a feeling of my chest about to explode or as already being on fire and my heart about to stop beating.  It might seem obvious that my chest exploding or my heart stopping would be bad for my own health and definitely the health of baby.  But seriously, that's what it feels like.

A movie quote - a very specific movie quote, comes to mind:  "I have heartburn radiating to my knee caps," from Juno. Yes....yes, indeed.....

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