Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams

So by the time I wake up in the morning, I usually am not too aware of any of my dreams from that night.  It seems that whenever I have something big coming up or I'm stressed, I tend to have more vivid dreams that I remember.  For example, before our wedding, I kept a journal of the dreams I had and some were just horrible - such as me cutting of Adam's arm with a chainsaw because he was teasing me while I was making mashed potatoes.  Oh dear heavens.....

Last night was another example of just a horrible dream - this one was baby related.  The baby had already been born but we kept doing horrible things wrong!  I remember going to sleep for an entire night and hadn't checked on the baby, changed his diaper or fed him until afternoon the next day!  I was horrified and stressed that I couldn't get it right and kept forgetting.  Then, when I'd go to check on the baby, his diaper was if we hadn't changed it in weeks and Adam was always leaving a blanket in his crib.  It was one of those overwhelming dreams where nothing was right and you couldn't keep up with what needed to be done.

So...normal pregnancy dream or I'm just crazy and scared?

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