Monday, July 19, 2010

Must Have!

If there is any material thing that I've ever needed in my entire would be these two items.  Can you say 'add to cart'??

Only about 6 more weeks until Ohio State football starts!!  So I definitely need some maternity garb to represent my Buckeyes this season.  Also, little man will definitely be here for the Ohio State vs. Michigan game (and possibly more) and I feel it only necessary to teach him as early as possible about this wonderful, rival tradition - so "Poop on Michigan" is only appropriate.


Mia said...

I feel like you wrote that for me to find someday, woman! :]

Stephanie said...

Well, if you didn't see it on here...I still would have William wear it and I'll be sure to send pictures for you to enjoy of his "Poop on Michigan" wardrobe. hehe

Mia said...

Ohhh you!
If that ever magically disappears, it wasn't me.


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