Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Breastfeeding 'Creepy'???

While googling baby related stuff on the internet today, I stumbled upon this article from The New York Times.  I've definitely heard and read opinions about women that don't feel comfortable breastfeeding or have made the conscious choice to bottle feed....but depicting breastfeeding as unnatural and "creepy"?  Seriously??

Read for yourself:  Is Breastfeeding Creepy?

I understand that in the culture we live in today has sexualized the breasts so much, that a woman who makes the decision to breastfeed, and does so in public, is sometimes not appreciated by all.  However, by saying that breastfeeding is "creepy" because the "fun bags" are part of your sexuality and your lover should be the one with his (or her) mouth upon it instead of your nursing child.....just makes you sound a little ignorant, I think.  A women's breasts are there to serve that purpose - of providing nourishment to your child. [if you so wish to have a child]  If there is anything more natural than that, please, fill me in. 

Understandably there are plenty of women who make the decision not to breastfeed - medication or medical reasons, adoption, unable to produce milk or to successfully feed, bottle feeding is convenient or just the overall decision to not.  These are all valid reasons and that's the wonderful thing about a woman to be able to decide what is best for herself and her baby.  But painting a picture that it is "creepy"....I still can't get my head around that one.

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caryl.mqt said...

Sounds like that attitude itself is creepy to me. Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift to your child--not only of the bonding time, but of all the immunities you pass on!


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