Friday, July 30, 2010

Jeans Day!!

Last Friday of the month = Jeans days at work.  (oh, the small things in life)

Since the only maternity jeans I have are capris and I can't wear those to work, I figured I'd give my pre-prego jeans a shot.  Yay!!  They still fit!!  (again....the small things)

Let's be serious though....they are about a few months past the point of being able to be buttoned and about the same on the zipper (can only make it about an inch or so up) - so I'm depending on my belly band and my long maternity shirt to prevent from exposing my dainties underneath. 

But...with all the changes going on with my body and my ever-expanding belly (and let's face it - ass and hips and legs and arms and chin(s)...), it's hard to tell how much things have changed since I'm pretty much wearing an entirely different wardrobe.   So good to know my thighs haven't exploded so much that I can't fit in my normal clothes.....[happy dance!]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your mother would like some updated belly shots since I don't get to see you for a while! By the way, Happy Anniversary! One year ago today we were running around like crazy and having fun!


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