Friday, July 2, 2010

Underwear Debate

So, as usual, my pregnancy countdown book never ceases to entertain me!!

Yesterday's and today's topic?......underwear for prego women out there.

Are you shocked that such a topic would even come up?  I've at least spared you all the other pregnancy related side effects that might not be as pleasant to read about.  Hehe.  You're welcome.

But seriously, I would never even have given this topic a second thought.  But the book puts it so hilariously, that I must share!  The Pregnancy Countdown Book - by Susan Magee with Kara Nakisbendi

day 139:
"Over or under?  Now that you're getting big in the belly, wide in the behind, and "hippier," it's becoming quite clear that your days of normal, or the next size up, underwear are numbered.  One of the toughest decisions in pregnancy - whether to wear maternity underwear above or below what used to be your waistline - must be made.

"Over-the-Belly Advantages: Comfort. Comfort.  Comfort.  As you get bigger, over-the-belly maternity underwear - which hilariously are still called 'briefs' - are frightening looking.  Then again, who's going to see you?  Your S.O. is already afraid of you, and your doctor or midwife has seen it all, so you might want to dive into the comfort of full-coverage undies with a nice wide crotch and be done with it.

"Under-the-Belly Advantages:  Comfort, sexiness, and the ability to expose your bump without exposing your underwear too.  If you found low-waisted underwear comfortable before pregnancy, and many do, you will probably stick with "under" underwear.....

day 138:
"There are two kinds of women in the world:  those who spend their lives trying to keep their underwear out of their behinds and those who swear it's more comfortable in their behinds."

This entry continues to talk about how they have maternity thong options.  I have in my head a full brief underwear that comes up over the belly, but is a thong.  It's not a pretty image either. 

Also, since I'm only 20 weeks, I'm not so ginormous yet, however, feeling 'sexy' is a bit more difficult now that I'm missing my waist and other regions have started to expand, as well.  However, I feel I need to draw a line when it comes to over the belly underwear briefs. 

My favorite part of these entries is that "my significant other is already afraid of me."  I haven't asked the hubby lately if this is true.  I think he likes my growing belly and my hormones have been somewhat in check and pregnant 'rages' have been kept to a minimum.....for now.  However, I'm pretty sure underwear, that doubles as practically a bodysuit might push it over the edge....

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