Thursday, July 22, 2010

Size 10 Considered Plus Size??

Recently, my friend Jaclyn, had an article run at The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She had hinted toward the topic while she was working on it and I told her I'd be very interested to read it when it was complete. 

You must check it out:  Is it perfect size 10 or a plus size?

I asked in this weeks survey what you thought a plus-size was considered.  It looks like everyone picked a size 14.  Seems very reasonable.  How about a size 10 in the fashion industry?

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about a world in which a size 10 woman is considered a plus-size model.  I'm thinking that's hot and I hope that post-baby I can even begin to dream of fitting in a size 10 again.....

I think a size 10 look is positively better than the models that have ribs sticking out of their chest and arms that look like could be snapped if there was a slight breeze. 

I absolutely LOVE the companies that have been producing advertising based on a more "realistic" female body image, such as Dove's Real Beauty Campaign.  Campaign for Real Beauty

At any size, if someone is comfortable with their body, healthy and happy - why do we need anyone else to judge?

Just random thoughts of the day.... :)

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