Thursday, July 8, 2010


So my appetite has been increasing over the past few weeks.  Actually, more like fluctuating.  Sometimes I'm barely hungry at all (although, let's be serious, not ALL that often....).  Since I haven't been bringing too many snacks to work during the day, I've been making trips to the cafeteria and vending machine - not so good on my wallet or my growing ass.  HA!

So last night I decided I was going to head to the grocery for some good snack foods.  This might be a little trickier than you think.  So I need tons calcium, protein, iron, fiber and so on.  So I'm thinking my strawberry Poptarts and potato chips don't count as necessarily a nutriutious snack - WTF?!

So what does that leave me with?  Here's a glance at how my snack shopping spree ended....

Any other snacking suggestions that don't include straight sugar and is easy on the go and to bring to work??

Who's hungry??

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Hungry Hippo said...

I am impressed that you can still do salsa! I can't do anything spicy with out the heartburn flairing up!


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