Monday, July 26, 2010

My First Cloth Diaper Order!

OK, so I'm well aware that William is not coming for another few months, but with all the research and information I've been gathering about cloth diapers, I get more and more excited everyday!  So today, I placed my first order for cloth diapers!

Since Adam and I have been talking about doing cloth diapers, there have been dozens of people that tell us we are crazy and how hard they are and that we shouldn't do it.  If you know me at all, this only fuels my excitement because now I have multiple motivations - 1) cloth diapers = green option, 2) cloth diapers = cheaper option, 3) I want to just to show everyone else I can!  What can I say, reverse psychology works for me.

There are several reasons I placed my first order today - I want to be able to hold and look at and see what I'm getting into (Yes, with all my research, I've never actually found ANYONE around me that uses them to be able to see it for myself) and another reason is so I can actually show those naysayers what a 'modern day' cloth diaper actually is.  They have absolutely come a long way since folded cloth diapers, safety pins and rubber pants.

My first order consisted of three different cloth diapers. I'll start slow...
  • Bum Genius 4.0 one-size (I got the new kind with snaps instead of hook and loop closure)
  • Bum Genius Elemental one-size  (this is an organic all-in-one diaper)
  • FuzziBunz one-size (pocket diaper)
So when each of these says "one-size", it means just that - the diapers are adjustable (different levels of snaps) to fit newborn to potty training.  I think we might have to wait and see what happens and how big William is to decide if this will really work with a newborn without being TOO bulky.  Since we don't exactly have "petite" babies in our family - I'm already having nightmares of popping out a 12 pound William - or as my mom is already lovingly calling him...."Bubba."  (and expecting to leave the hospital in clothes meant for a 3-6 month old.....yikes.....)

So no, this isn't exactly shopping for shoes or purses, but holy moly, I can't wait for that package in the mail with the first cloth diapers!!!  I'm THAT excited!!!

[ADDITION 7/27/10 - OK...I'm just as bad at online shopping as in store shopping....I can't make my purchases and get from the register to the door until I find something else I want!  I added a Thirsties Diaper Cover and a cloth diaper snappi!!!]

I will definitely post pictures when they arrive!!

This leads me to my survey of the week - What do YOU think of cloth diapers??


Amy Faller said...

Yay! I am proud of you! Snappi things are really cool! I didn't like the Thirsties, I got Bummis Super Wraps. Did you get inserts for the Thirsties?

Stephanie said...

I didn't get the inserts for the Thirsties yet. I just wanted to see what that cover was like. I still kinda have no idea what I'm doing, but I still have some time left. hehe

The initial order is just kinda to get a feel what the different ones are like - since I literally have never seen any in person!!

caryl.mqt said...

So sorry I didn't know of your interest in cloth diapers. I just recently gave away a couple of Frankie's covers. LOTS of young moms here use cloth diapers, and you're right, they've changed LOTS over the years. Congrats to you on making this green and economical choice.


Hey steph its andrea... congrats on the little one. I've been following your blog and I don't know if you know about it yet there is a site that I am on its called it's an amazing site !! Cloth Diapers, Breastfeeding, organic cleaning & food,and the list goes on..... These women are amazing and can help you and explain it more to you if you have further ?'s. I did the whole cd, bf, organic baby foods with Molly my 2nd daughter. It was such a difference and relief of my shoulders to know that I wasn't contributing any extra toxens & crud to my lil one. well anyways, I've rambled enough... keep in touch !!!! & congrats again.

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