Friday, May 28, 2010

Chase Corporate Challenge - Chicago

Yesterday was the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in downtown Chicago.  Caterpillar participates every year and this year was my first time doing the race! 

The event is a 3.5 mile race downtown Chicago with participation from employees in local corporations.  Over 20,000 people from over 500 companies were involved this year!!  It was a site to see!  I decided to walk with Annie and Catherine and be representing Cat without actually competing.  We wanted to finish in less than an hour.....

......59 minutes and 58 seconds......can't get any closer than that!!
Since I didn't end up taking ANY pictures while we were there....I browsed the corporate challenge website and HARK!  what is that??  Do I spy an Annie, Catherine and Stephanie???  Oh, indeed, it is!!!  Since we are hiding behind the other Cat people, I have clearly pointed us out with lovely, red arrows.

Shorter Catherine is almost hidden on the left.  Annie is front and center and she looks serious about this race.  I am practically hidden behind my movie star shades wondering when we get to eat..... 

"What place did you come in, Stephanie?" you may be asking yourself.  Well..... 6,330th, if you must know.  Hehe.

Also, think!  Baby's 1st Race!!

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