Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I haven't had any unusual pregnancy cravings so far. I've just been craving foods that I liked before but wouldn't eat them very often. This could also be because I've been trying to follow Weight Watchers or some sort of healthy diet for half a lifetime and fatty-bo-batty is just using pregnancy as an excuse.

Cravings so far:
-Chinese food (specifically beef and green peppers/onions from Jade Garden down the street from our house) I think I had only had this once before but I feel like I could eat it for every meal!
- Garlic - garlic bread, spaghetti, italian food. I've sometimes eaten dinner and then have had a craving for frozen texas toast so I pop a piece in the oven.....yummy cheese and super garlicy!
- Food I can't have - Skyline, Penn Station. I'll have a 3-way, juicy and a chilito with sour cream, no onion. Also, I'll have a medium chicken parm with no onion or mushroom, extra tomato sauce.....Yummy!!! I need to make a long weekend in Cincy just to satisfy these. Umm....I mean to visit my family....

Foods I used to love, but don't wanna touch now:
- Bananas - I used to have one every single morning as part of my breakfast. I don't know if it's the texture or smell....but breakfast no more. I had one in my 5th week and could barely work it up to swallow it.
- Plain chocolate - I can have brownies or chocolate cake, but if you hand me a chocolate bar, I'll have to pass. Everytime I've attempted to eat plain chocolate without anything else, I've regretted it with a horrible stomach ache. No idea why!

Today's craving....pie a la mode. What?? When was the last time I had a piece of pie? I would never go out of my way for a piece. Today....I wanted a warm piece of fruit pie with vanilla ice cream melting over the top. I settled for an individual, frozen cherry pie that I can just pop in the microwave.....can you say yummy??

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Jaclyn said...

You are too honkin' cute. I'm sure Penn Station and Skyline ... I mean, Mr. and Mrs. V will be really happy to see you.


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