Thursday, May 13, 2010

Date with Andrew

I had a date tonight with a man other than my husband - his name is Andrew.

Cynthia also accompanied Andrew and myself for a lovely meal at the Olive Garden. It was magical and delicious.

Andrew is 6 months old (Cynthia's son) and the happiest little baby in the world! Although he hadn't had his afternoon nap, he was just happy and chatty all dinner long. When he's happy, he doesn't smile so much as he just opens his mouth in complete glee!

Cynthia is an old coworker and friend who is a first-time mom. So far, I've been asking her lots of advice and checked out Andrew's nursery to see what they had. I also scoped out the other toys/seats/car seats/strollers that they really liked and the ones that are gathering dust that they didn't especially like.

It was a good girl's night + one handsome, dark haired man!

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