Thursday, May 6, 2010

Excited Daddy

Middle of the work day....took a quick second to check update Facebook statuses on my phone.

Adam's FB status:

I text him, because I'm slightly confused. What the heck does "apple" mean?

His response: "Our baby size"

This is the start of week 13 and the baby is about the size of a small apple ~3 inches.

I think he's a little excited :)
PS....I kinda like him.....


Jaclyn said...

OMG, how did you not know what that meant?? I even knew what that meant! Does that mean next week Miren William Reilly Neville Longbottom O'Neill will be .... an orange? A slightly larger apple?

Alisha said...

I really hope your baby name has Neville Longbottom in it.

And if not, looks like we know what Jac and I will call them.


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