Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Yesterday was Adam's 31st birthday! A pretty mellow day for sure. He didn't get to open any presents, since we had bought his present (a weed eater) a few weekends ago. Him and I had gone to dinner to celebrate last week to the restaurant of his choice - Peoria Hofbrauhaus. Because of my starving self, we decided to grab dinner out last night for his birthday too instead of going grocery shopping and then making something - we wouldn't have eaten until about 8pm! We wanted to try something new and ended up at Gracie's in Washington. A sports bar/grill that was pretty tasty and had some good barbecue! Finished off with Adam's favorite - the mint fudge nut round from Baskin Robbins. The fudge is the most amazing part and there can never be enough on a what do I do?? I bought a huge side of extra fudgey goodness!! Tonight will be dinner with his parents at Agatucci's - about the best place to get pizza in town!! Yummy!!
Yummy ice cream and fudgey goodness!!!

How could you not enjoy your birthday with that sweet face??  Tressel, I mean....

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caryl.mqt said...

Sounds like a nice way to celebrate--especially the extra yummy fudgy goodness! You two really know how to live. LOL


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