Friday, May 21, 2010

Hunt for a dress....

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow.

We have known about this for quite some time.

I started packing last night....only 2 somewhat appropriate dresses fit. Yikes!! Do I look for one over my lunch break or just live with one of those? I decide to look over my lunch break.

I figured getting a maternity dress would be appropriate - I will have several occasions in the next few months to wear a dress. Kohl's in East Peoria literally had 4 racks of maternity clothes - absolutely no nice dresses. I race to Target. They had one kind of maternity/nice dress - that was ugly. Several stretchy non-maternity dresses that just weren't any nicer than the ones I had at home. I settled for a simple, (cheap), gray dress (totally non-stretchy, so I won't be wearing it much longer). Add in a bright yellow scarf/wrap and a nice, long, silver necklace and I believe I have something ready to wear.

Next time I have to do a better job at planning! had some adorable, cheap, maternity dresses!!

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