Monday, May 24, 2010

Waking up

I know it might sound completely absurd, but the belly I keep seeing and feeling when I wake up in the morning is amazing!!

Not sure why it's more "defined" in the morning when I'm laying down (or it's much easier to tell from the rest of my stomach region), but something feels and looks completely different. After the first day I noticed it, I couldn't wait to go to bed to be able to wake up and feel it again!

I love that Adam is next to me, and until my belly pretty much explodes and is free game for everyone to touch, Adam is the only one that is currently enjoying rubbing it.

Our baby is in there!! He or she can move and taste and smell and hear! The baby can hear Adam and me talking. It can hear my heartbeat. I'm amazed!

Can't wait to go to bed again to wake up and feel the belly again!

Why is it so noticeable in the morning??
IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: In several months when I want to cry and push the baby out of my huge stomach, when I can't fit in any clothes, when I can't stand, sit or lay down to get comfortable and I have to waddle instead of walking will be critical that someone slaps me upside the head to remind me how magical I feel right now and that baby is coming soon. Thanks :)

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