Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Day Has Arrived....

I have a confession....

I no longer button my work pants. They still fit fine in the butt and legs and waist (for my high waist pants), however, it's getting a little tight in the belly region and I'm somewhat sick of having a button digging into my belly whenever I'm sitting down, which is 99% of my day.

About a week and a half ago was the first day I wore a pair of work pants and bravely didn't button them and hoped my long, tight cami would hold them closed and up during the day. I figured, as classy as that was, I needed another solution. I found it at Target. The BeBand - a band for your belly to help hold up unbuttoned/unzipped pants in your earlier pregnancy, hold up too big maternity pants or to help you post-pregnancy in your maternity/regular unzipped pants.

Let me tell you - magical.

The biggest question this baby growing or is it fatty-bo-batty belly and love handles growing? For someone that's practically been on a diet for the last 10 years, eating a little less like I'm losing weight and a little more like everything tastes really good - that's fatty-bo-batty fo sho. At least now that I'm feeling better, I am back to eating fruits and veggies and I'm heading to the gym for the first time in months after work today.

So now I seem to be covered until the belly starts to pop and I'll be looking for maternity clothes. Thanks to mom and Mel, I've already got a start on some adorable tops! :)

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Alisha said...

Totally the first thing I will purchase the minute after we decide to have kids and I have a + sign on that test will be 5 pairs of maternity jeans.

I will embrace the band. And I'm totally looking forward to it!


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