Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Cloth Diaper Order!

Who can't wait for a peeing and pooping machine???  This girl!

OK, let me clarify.  William (aka the peeing and pooping machine) is coming in just a few short months and what better way to prepare than to start seeing what is available for the softest and green cloth diapers that are out there. 

As I have reported plenty of times, I'm going in somewhat blind but I started with a basic order of three different cloth diapers.
  • Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket Diaper (with snaps)
  • Bum Genius Elemental Diaper (made with organic cotton)
  • FuzziBunz Pocket Diaper
I am happy to report that my order from Snappy Diapers has finally arrived and I get to see and feel my first CDs ever!

So to help paint a little more of a picture of what one kind of cloth diaper involves, I have included some pics.  (I apologize for the quality - I am too excited and not the best photographer in the first place)

Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket Diaper
Adjustable snaps to adjust rise on diaper - I'm setting this to a newborn size.

Since this is a pocket diaper, I am putting the insert into pocket.  This Bum Genius came with two different sized inserts - one for newborn and another for the 'one-size'.

Then, you'd just put it on like any other disposable diaper.  Instead of an adhesive tab or velcro, this diaper has adjustable snaps to fit baby as he grows!

Bum Genius Elemental Cloth Diaper - with organic cotton
Instead of having to putting an insert into a pocket, this diaper is an All-in-One diaper - the fabric liner is already attached to the diaper.  Same snaps as the 4.0 to adjust rise to fit baby.  This one is currently set on the smallest rise and there is quite a bit of additional fabric on the liner available - not sure how I would handle that...

Put it on just like the 4.0 or any other disposable diaper.  Multiple snaps allow you to adjust the fit as baby grows!

FuzziBunz - One Size Pocket Diaper

Another pocket diaper - place insert into diaper pocket.

Put the diaper on - more snaps to adjust fit on baby.  This one doesn't adjust the same on rise, so not sure how this would work on a smaller newborn.  FuzziBunz came with two inserts and replacement elastic for when the elastic around the legs gets too stretched out!

Since, my 'pooping and peeing machine' doesn't get here for a few more months, I'm in no position to write a review or say what I like or don't like.  This is just to show an example of one of the types and brands that is available.  These seem easy to put on and placing the insert in the pocket shouldn't take but a little extra time after doing a load of laundry to get ready for those diaper changes. 

With my first purchase - I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to put on and how incredibly soft they are!  I only ordered ones with snaps so far, but I can imagine with a squirming baby that the hook and loop fastener type would be much easier, but they just might not hold up as well after many washes.

I will continue to do my online research and look for those around me that have used cloth diapers to further get my collection started for William's arrival!  His bum won't know what soft and eco-friendly goodness hit it!


Tenacious V said...

Very cool! You'll have to let us know how they work out. The hook and loop on my BG 3.0s is showing wear after about 5 months of use, but I definitely reach for H&L first over snaps. I may convert them to snaps as the H&L wears and my kiddo figures out how to undo his dipes. :-) Those organic BGs look fab!

Jillian said...

I am 34 and 4, and I got Thirsty DUOS. They have pockets and covers. I love them already, AND they're made in the USA!


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