Friday, August 13, 2010

Look What I Won!!!!

So Joey's Auction is coming to a close but there was an item I wanted before it was even posted (yeah, I had the inside scoop from the beginning...). 

I waited, patiently, for it to be posted.  I was not about to let anyone beat me out to win it over me!  I was willing to throw-down for this and made it clear to the other ladies bidding that they had met their competition. 

After 10 bids later, I won!!!!  More money for Joey's Auction and I will get a gorgeous set like this!!

This is my other bestie, Alisha, who is a way uber-talented knitter!!  Since knitting can be such a time-consuming hobby, I am so excited to be one of the few people out there that will be able to wear one of her amazing creations!!!

What:  A handknit Start Crossed Slouchy beret in the winner's choice of color and a  Burberry-inspired cowl to match.  I prefer to knot these in Malabrigo Worsted, as it is super soft, warm and absolutely gorgeous.  Malabrigo Worsted is a "hand-dyed incredibly soft 100 percent Merino wool with the subtle variations in color and texture only hand dyed yarns have.  Pure Merion comes from a small family-run company in Uruguay," according to Ravelry.  However, if the winning bidder prefers a different fiber, we can work that out.  I will contact the winner regarding their color choice and purchase brand new skeins to knit from.  (from Joey's Auction)

Although it's been roughly 90 degrees for what feels like forever, it's hard to imagine wearing this knit cowl and beret.....but thinking about these and looking at these pictures, I can already feel fall coming!!!!  Isn't it purdy?!

Thanks, Leesh!!!!!!

It's not too late!  There are several items open for bid until tonight and another couple that close tomorrow night!!!  Take a looksie:  Joey's Auction

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