Friday, August 13, 2010

That Ain't Right

My normal heels that I wear to work just aren't cutting it anymore.  Besides the fact that my feet have been swelling due to this horrible heat and humidity, a waddling, pregnant woman in heels doesn't exactly draw attention in a 'hey, good lookin' kind of way.  So it was time to do a little shopping.  I just needed a pair of plain, flat, somewhat dressy, black shoes to be able to wear to work.  Simple enough task, right??

Advice to any pregnant woman attempting to buy shoes in August......
  1. My initial response, after performing this feat yesterday myself - DON'T
  2. If you must shop for shoes in 90 degree weather, I would recommend icing your feet or putting them up for at least an hour before you go so they aren't swollen to the size of pot roasts....As you can imagine, pot roasts are not easy to slide gracefully into a nice pair of shoes.  I found this out the hard way....
  3. This is no time to be vain, ladies....we are going for comfort here.  Don't be afraid to try on the ugliest pair of shoes in the store, as long as they are flat and soft.  (and also easy to put on) 
  4. Don't be afraid to sit down.  After attempting to balance myself next to the rack, while holding my purse and having a heel on the opposite foot....I'm lucky I made it out of the store alive.
  5. Expect to go AT LEAST a half size (or full size) bigger than you would normally wear.  Thanks to pregnancy-land (and this lovely thing called relaxin), your feet grow...and they'll probably never shrink back again.  Might as well start your new shoe collection now.
  6. If the store is offering Buy One, Get One Half something you don't necessarily 'need' and get something FUN just for you!!!


Hungry Hippo said...

If it is at all comforting to you, my feet did go back to their normal size after I was pregnant (length and swelling). Next week is supposed to be cooler here in Cincy! Whoo hoo!! Where are you living?

Stephanie said...

That is comforting!!! I'm in Peoria, Illinois! So we have about the same weather, but maybe a day or so ahead of you guys! It's supposed to be in the low 80s next week here! Who would have thought I'd be so excited over 83 degrees!!!


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