Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 8.19.10

  • My Mom - God love her, I call her about everyday (most days multiple times) and she almost never hangs up on me. HA! She's always there to offer advice - baby-related, "medical" expertise ('cuz she's a doctor ya know, HA!), wedding planning talk or just to chit chat. She goes out of her way to shop for me and help me out in any way she possibly can. As I've gotten older, I've developed a much greater appreciation for both of my parents and I have a feeling it will continue to grow as I become a parent myself. She'll be there for the first few weeks once William is born to hopefully prevent me from pulling out my hair. Love you, Mom!
  • Football Season - It might sound strange, but knowing football season is just around the corner makes me happy! I love this time of the year - when I know fall is coming and soon to be followed by sweatshirt weather and changing leaves and waking up on Saturday mornings to prepare to watch college football while dressing in all Scarlet and Gray attire to represent my Buckeyes! Being the wife of a high school football coach, football season also means being a "football widow." Waiting to see my hubby until the late evenings and losing him on weekends to games and watching film. Even so, when it comes to fall/football season versus Christmas's a tie since both times of the year give me the warm fuzzies inside.
  • Pumpkin Harvest Candle - Speaking of fall...nothing gets me more excited for this up and coming time of the year like a good smelling candle. I don't know if I'm yearning for cooler days or looking forward to football starting or knowing once the weather changes that means William is closer to joining our family. Whatever the reason, the new Febreze limited edition Pumpkin Harvest & Fall candle I recently bought just makes me happy!!

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Mom said...

I am thankful for my loving, beautiful daughter. She has always brought joy into my life and is about to bring even more joy with my first grandbaby! I can't wait!

I'm also thankful for fall! It is my favorite time of year and I just love the beautiful colors, smells and feeling in the air! It also means my grandson is coming sooner! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Love you babe! Thanks!


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