Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Joey!

Joey's Auction is complete and just in time for Joey's 21st birthday!!

Joey's big sister, Jaclyn, has been auctioning donated home-made goodies for the last two weeks to raise money for Joey's high school, Elim Christian School.  Joey has autism and is able to go to school thru his 21st year, so he has one more year to go.  All the money Jaclyn raised will be donated to help Joey's class!

Since Jaclyn can tell you much better than me - here is how it worked:  Joey's Auction

The auction is now closed and Jaclyn has been been able to raise over $700 with donations still rolling in!!

Wanna help?  There is still time to be able to donate to Elim Christian School - you can send payments thru PayPal to

Another way to help support autism is by purchasing a Joey's Hot Dogs Necklace from Jaclyn1423 Etsy shop!  For every necklace sold, Jaclyn is donating $5 to Autism Speaks to support the treatment, research and finding a cure for autism.

Happy Birthday, Joey!!!!

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Jaclyn said...

Oh wow. I just found this. I love you baby :)


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