Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now THAT'S Love....

For those that know me, I have two very well known fears - storms (like scary, green-sky kind of storms) and spiders.  I'm terrified of spiders!  They are much smaller than me and [most] can't really hurt me, but it doesn't matter.  In college, I would spray the spiders (or the house centipedes ICK!) and I would have to call someone else to clean them up - even the thought of picking up a dead spider freaked me out.

Last night, I was home alone while Adam was working at Riverfront.  I was faced with a ginormous, eight-legged nemesis!  I could call Tressel to see if he was brave enough to face him and conquer this beast.  I stayed brave - smashed it with Adam's shoe (heck no I'm not using my own shoe!). 

I left a note for Adam.....
"My Love, Please go in basement, near computer & clean up smashed spider under your flip flop!  Thanks!  I was at least brave enough to kill it, right?!  Love, Gigi  :)"


Now, if THAT'S not love, I don't know what is....hehe

1 comment:

David Gajewski said...

I will attest to the "calling someone to clean the spider up" part. It's called a vacuum Steph! LOL


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