Monday, August 23, 2010

Mommy Fail (but we ordered a crib!)

So my first mommy fail....

We have been preparing in many different ways for William's arrival - selecting hospital, registering for childbirth classes (and breastfeeding classes), moving the office downstairs to clear out baby's room, researching cloth diapers (and ordering some), registering for baby, asking around to select pediatrician, reading baby books.  The list goes on and on - we are slowly getting ready.

Small detail of baby furniture - ya know, like a crib and dresser.......ooooh, THAT!

We had been looking, but hadn't really settled on anything in particular.  I finally decided to go and order the crib.  Ten to twelve weeks for delivery....William is due in 12 weeks.  Do the math.  The dresser was in stock so we'll be picking that up this week.  Good thing William will be sleeping in our room, in a bassinet, for the first few weeks (or months).  Hehe - oopsies!!

William is coming so soon!!!

Our baby is going to sleep in this crib!!!

This will be the dresser (with changing pad on top) - not with hutch like in this pic

Also, in other exciting anticipation - we are scheduled for a 3D/4D sono on Thursday!!  I can't hardly wait!


Hungry Hippo said...

You didn't fail! I don't know what you guys plan on doing, but we had Adelaide sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few weeks when she was waking up so often (and still so tiny). We transitioned her to her crib at about 7 or 8 weeks. It was convenient to have her right there at first. A lot of pack and plays come with a bassinet attachement. :)

caryl.mqt said...

Love the furniture you've chosen. And that crib will be there in plenty of time by the time you're actually ready to use it! :-)


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