Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Year Later

Adam and I celebrated our one year anniversary today.  So many of my thoughts today revolved around my amazement with how quickly one year flew by and how much had changed in a short twelve months - married, new house, puppy, baby on the

It wasn't too far off from one of our typical Sundays.  I started off by making my hubby some chocolate chip pancakes.....I know that always makes him happy.  We played 'house" - what I like to call it when Adam does yard work while I clean inside.  Oh, AND we started moving the office (which will be Williams' room) downstairs!!  [Can't wait to get a crib and baby stuff to fill it!!]  Dinner was supposed to be pizza at Agatuccis (the place where went for our first date) until we found out they were closed for vacation.  We opted for Rizzi's - one of our fave Italian places in Peoria.  Following dinner - a one year anniversary tradition (I have no idea why...), a piece of our wedding cake that has been in the freezer since last August.  Let me tell year later - still delicious!  Some cuddles on the couch, while watching True Blood (if blood and vampires and werewolves don't scream romantic anniversary, I really don't know what does then....) then it was off to bed. 

I wouldn't have changed a thing....

Good morning, my love....

Cutting the wedding cake

I belly looks like I'm 9 months prego....oh dear
Dinner at Rizzi's

Seriously good cake - only a year old...HA

Adam's present to me....
Hawaiian Punch - I've been about obsessed with it
BPA-free water bottle - Because I've been paranoid the one I use at work isn't BPA free
Fly Swater - The flies have been driving me crazy everywhere we go lately!
Lint Brush - I practically move room to room with it because Tressel hair has been driving me crazy, not sure if that is pregnancy related or what...
M&Ms - those are for Adam...I've been giving him a hard time because he's been losing SO much weight and he's not the normal husband that gains sympathy weight along with his he looks smaller and smaller while I look bigger and bigger.  HA!
Gift Bag - "I picked these just for you"...perhaps a glimpse at what our son will be like??

I'm kinda in love with him.....

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