Friday, August 13, 2010

Terracycle Giveaway - Going Green with Noah

I am always looking for ways to help Adam and I to be more eco-friendly!  We are composting and recycling about anything we can possibly think of around the house.  However, would you have ever thought selling your trash was another option?

There is an amazing company, Terracycle, that pays schools and families to collect non-recyclable waste to be upcycled into fun products!  Check out their website, it's pretty amazing what they are doing!

Going Green with Noah is holding a Terracycle giveaway of FIVE different items to FIVE lucky individuals!!
  • A tote bag made from juice pouches
  • A pencil case made from juice pouches
  • A lunch box from juice pouches
  • A drink coaster made from circuit boards
  • A picture frame made form circuit board
There are plenty of ways to enter yourself!  Check out the Terracycle Giveaway on Going Green with Noah and enter to win!  Hurry!  Your chance ends tonight!!

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