Monday, August 9, 2010

Survey Results - Cloth Diapers

So...I'm not surprised by the results of the cloth diaper survey.  Not surprised at all....

Since just about everyone around me has been telling me we're crazy - it's no wonder 60% voted that way.  The 40% voted that, indeed, they thought we were crazy.  Another 20% sided with the "ICK" option.  Part of me wants to know who those 3 people are so I don't make a weekend visit and think I'll be doing some dirty diaper laundry at their house!  HA!  But let's face it - at some point with a baby anyway, you'll be washing poopy and urine soaked clothes and bedding anyway from diaper explosions and accidents.  So washing diapers is essentially the same...just on a regular basis.  OK, I don't think I'm going to win any battles with from that side of the argument.

The other 40% actually use cloth diapers or think they are good option, even if they don't use them - without the 'you-are-crazy' factor associated with it.  That's somewhat reassuring.

Speaking as a current non-parent, I guess what it seems like is that no matter what choices you make regarding raising your child, there will be half the people telling you that somehow you are crazy or harming your child or think it's a horrible idea.  So I guess what I'll have to realize is that at the end of the day, what my husband and I decide is best for our family, that's what we will stick to.  Right now, we think that reusable diapers are what will be best for us (even if they involved more work...).

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN:  I want to be able to cloth diaper and right now I'm so excited to be able to do it.  Maybe I'm just clueless and I should be listening to everyone screaming "NO!" at me regarding the decision (even though there are quite a few that haven't tried it themselves).  I still reserve the right to change my mind later...hehe...because in this 'game', I make the rules.  :)


Hungry Hippo said...

Hey Steph,
So I was one of the people who answered poop in washer - yuck! I think it is great that you are trying it, however. My comment mostly comes from washing out plenty of blowouts out of Adelaide's clothes and getting very tired of doing so! (That and the smell was making me feel sick!) Good luck with your cloth diapering....I look forward to hearing how it goes! I have a friend who did cloth diapers and she loved it. :)

caryl.mqt said...

When Frankie was born, we were using cloth diapers and I thought they worked out great! I researched how to launder them, and one site even said with today's washers, you don't even need to wash out poopy ones first. That was a bit hard to believe, so the really poopy ones we did wash first--but when he was newborn, there weren't many of those anyway. We also used the soak cycle first. Think about it--we wouldn't hesitate to wash muddy clothes; can poopy ones be much different? :-) Anyway, I applaud you both for doing this--great for baby, more economical over time, and extremely eco-friendly! Good Luck!


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