Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Say No!

Don't get me wrong, I love me some bottled water.  I used to buy package after package of water bottles - why not?  It feels "cleaner" and it's absolutely convenient.  It's not too pricey per package so you don't realize the money you are spending.  Then I met Adam....

It took him about one week of living together to break me of this expensive and wasteful habit of mine.  I guess I knew it wasn't good and was just adding to landfills and creating pollution to manufacture and ship the plastic bottles, but it was easy to be guilt-free when I don't actually see it for myself or feel the consequences.

I found this very interesting video about the negative impacts of bottled water.  It's less than ten minutes - take a looksie!

The Story of Bottled Water

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not perfect.  If I'm traveling and don't have my reusable water bottle, I might buy one at a gas station.  However, we are no longer buying bottled water packages.  Also, if I'm traveling to a different city or country, I'll be sure to ask if the water is safe to drink before pouring myself a glass from the tap, just to be safe!

Still love your filtered water?  Buy a water filter you attach directly to your sink!  Buy a pitcher that filters the water and you can have it ready to go in the fridge!  Or (gasp!!), grab a glass and turn on the tap - you might be surprised at how clean it really is!!   It's the small changes you can try to make each day to make a big impact!!

What about you?  Are you still loving on some bottled waters?

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Jaclyn said...

I've always thought it was stupid. The idea of paying for water is a little odd to me. Granted, in Kankakee, my tap water had floaties, but I still didn't buy bottled water; I just waited for it to settle so I could trick myself that it wasn't ucky. And I'm still alive! If I cared that much, I'd have bought a filtration container thingy for the fridge.


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