Monday, September 27, 2010

Crossing Our Fingers

So I'm just shy of 33 weeks and there is something on my mind....

The last two sonograms (at 28 weeks and at 30 weeks), our little stinker has been breech.  My doctor has reassured me that even the late "turners" can bounce around to different positions until about 35 weeks, so I shouldn't worry - but how can I not?  From the last sono, William was measuring about 2 weeks larger than "normal".  So could be potentially more difficult for him to turn to head-down position. 

'Lil' Stinker' being breech leads us down the Cesarean route, instead of the natural path that I had hoped.  I know women have c-sections everyday and I have complete faith in my doctors and my hospital to deliver my baby safely either way, but a c-section would certainly not be my first choice.  I'm more nervous about the procedure in general and about my recovery from the surgery.  Mostly what I am worried about is not being able to experience the delivery in the same way as I could have by having a vaginal delivery.  More than anything, I am looking forward to pushing and delivering our baby and having him brought immediately to my chest and being able to start nursing soon afterwards.  That's the moment I have dreamed of before I was pregnant!  Cesarean babies may need to be tended to a little more and I'll need to stay in the OR to be stitched up while Adam heads to the nursery with the little guy and I can hope to be able to start nursing while in recovery.

Today's appointment, the doctor wasn't sure, but he thought perhaps he was head-down.  We will be able to confirm in a few weeks (at around 36 weeks) with another sono to get estimated weight and position. 

I am crossing my fingers and my toes that little man turns and can come into this world with the least amount of medical intervention possible!!


MommyFerg02 said...

Following you back from Mom Blog Monday!! Have a great day!

andiemarie923 said...

Thanks for following me. I am here to follow you back.

I have my fingers crossed that baby William turns around for you!

coolestfamilyontheblock said...

I do hope that you're able to deliver naturally, but just in case you aren't I wanted to share a little of my story with you. Even though I looked HUGE while I was pregnant none of the doctors told me that I was having a big baby. I was hoping for a natural childbirth and just like you I was so looking forward to pushing out my little girl and having her laid right on my chest to nurse. I envisioned it so many times. It took us almost 5 years to get pregnant and then I had miscarried a baby as well. Being able to naturally birth my daughter after having so much trouble conceiving in the first place was really important to me. My labor and delivery was completely healthy. Neither of us were ever in a state of "emergency". But still nothing went as I had planned. I pushed for two hours and she never made it past my pelvis. The doctor called it "failure to descend" explaining to me that my baby's head was too big and my pelvis was too small. I had to have a caesarean and between all of the pushing & the epidural I could hardly stay awake. When my daughter was born I got to touch her toe before she was wisked off to the nursery. Almost an hour went by before I got to hold her and nurse her.
I had a lot of depression after the caesarean. Although my daughter was here and healthy I felt like a failure. I felt like I had missed out on so much. I did have a hard time with it. If I get pregnant again I plan to try a VBAC, but if I have to have a c-section I don't think it will be as traumatic this time.

On the plus side my daughter never had any trouble breastfeeding. I nursed clear up until her 1st birthday. She and I have a terrific bond and I love her more than anything.

I do hope that you're able to have a vaginal birth. Babies turn around all the time, so everything could be perfectly fine. On the other hand just realize that a caesarean is always a possibility regardless of what position he's in. I just never thought that I wouldn't be able to push out my baby...2 hours of trying!

Well, I hope that was helpful and not discouraging. I'm a new follower from the Mom Blog Monday blog hop.

caryl.mqt said...

Well, we'll both cross all our fingers and toes, too, Steph. In addition, we'll keep you and "Lil Stinker" in our prayers that he'll get himself turned around and all will go well once labor starts! Big HUGS from the shores of Lake Superior!

Kari said...
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Kari said...

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Have a great day!


Riema's Journey said...

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