Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Lovely Pregnancy Side-Effect

I work in an office as a management employee.  It is expected that I dress fairly decent in business casual attire and appropriate shoes, and, on occasion, am required to wear steel-toed shoes to walk in the manufacturing shop.  Pre-pregnancy (or more like pre-third trimester) my shoes basically consisted of high heeled pumps, dressy heel sandals or steeled toes.  As my pregnancy progressed and I got bigger (and walking more clumsily), heels were getting far too uncomfortable to be an option so I bought two pairs of dressy sandals - one black, one brown, to wear to work. 

Everything was fine and dandy.

Cue 32 weeks.......

I'm about to the point where I need to call in 'fat feet' to work.  More like 'swollen feet', but either way, when I am waking up and unable to slide my feet into any pair of shoe in my closet (with the exception of my Old Navy flip flops), we have a problem.  What's a girl to do when her pot roast feet won't fit into any shoes?  The answer - a girl is to wear her Old Navy flip flops to work......very professional.

Do I smell another shoe shopping trip coming up?  In the meantime, I'm chugging water like it's my job and trying to cut out the salt to hopefully turn my balloon feet into something closer resembling a smaller, more deflated balloon.....lovely....

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