Sunday, September 19, 2010


OK...I'll be serious, I love sleep.  I value my sleep.  I've been fairly successful in avoiding being sick and I feel it's because of the regular sleep I get.  I do realize that a baby will absolutely change this.  I'm also starting to realize the irony of the people that advise me to get my sleep now, before the baby arrives.  The irony coming from that this is already becoming difficult and baby is still two months away.  Is this just practice and a small taste for what's to come?

10:45pm - went to bed, fell asleep almost right away
1:30am - 1st trip to bathroom; Adam got home from hanging out with friends and I talked to him for a few minutes
1:45am - Adam is asleep
1:46am - nasty lightning and thunder keeping me awake
1:48am - William feels as if he may have found a secret passage thru mommy's belly button and has decided to attempt to escape.  Translation - holy crap, baby is a-moving and a-kicking enough to keep mommy awake
2:00am - still awake;  check weather on phone to make sure we aren't about to blow away
2:30am - still awake - mind racing with things I have to do today for shower
2:50am - finally asleep
4:31am - puppy is now throwing up in the bedroom
4:34am - since daddy is still passed out, mommy is now on hands and knees cleaning up doggy barf
4:39am - let dog outside
4:42am - let dog inside
4:43am - 2nd trip to bathroom
4:44am - back in bed in barf-free and sanitized bedroom
5:10am - William dancing in mommy's belly again....still awake
5:30am - finally asleep.....again
7:40am - 3rd trip to bathroom....time to start the day and getting ready for baby shower

Not sure if it was excitement for the baby shower, hormones, William rehearsing for So You Think You Can Dance, my hip pain or the storm....but sleep is getting more and more difficult.  Shouldn't a gal be able to kind of enjoy her last few months of  baby-free sleep at least?? 

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