Monday, September 6, 2010

Shopping for William

Several weeks ago, Adam and I started registering for baby.  Having done the wedding registry thing not too long ago, we figured this wouldn't be too terribly difficult.  Umm...wrong.

Maybe I'm looking too far into things, but picking items to use with your baby (when there are SO MANY options) is a little tricky.  It's kind of a balance between convenience, safety and just plain we-don't-REALLY-need-that.  It's a balance between looking at weights that the item supports, the materials that it's made out of, looking at reviews to see what people liked and didn't like and trying to somehow comprehend what kind of routine you'll use and what things you might find handy around the house.  I've actually enjoyed (and learned a lot) but researching some of the big items that we were selecting!

Also, we FINALLY picked out our car seat and stroller system!  
Chicco Cortina Travel System - Discovery

We already picked out the crib and dresser - but how do you pick a mattress to go with it?  My mom feels the best way is to have my dad and sis to test them the see which is the most firm and sturdy.  If it wasn't so hilarious, I would have walked away while in the store. 

It was a great, fun day looking at baby stuff!!!  It led to a very full cart and very full car on the way back to Illinois!!


Alisha said...

Melanie. is. hilarious.

And your dad looks a liiiitle too comfortable on that tiny mattress!

Jaclyn said...

Dear Mel and Mr. V -- You both rock my world.



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