Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daddy's Surprise!

This is football season.  I am understanding that my hubby is busy with school and coaching stuff.  I've been patient.  He left me the most magical surprise for me to come home to!!


I (barely) pulled into the garage to find heaping mounds of boxes.  That could only mean one thing - so I raced up to William's room to find the crib and dresser set up!!  I was jumping up and down (and totally confused poor Tressel).  Our baby will be sleeping in this room in just a few short months!!  This will be the room where we read him books before bed and dress him up for the ladies and watch him while he sleeps.  I am bursting with excitement!! 

My baby is gonna sleep here.....

Dresser - we will also use as changing table

People ask what color his room will be - here's a looksie....

This is how Adam set up the mattress - now THAT's funny right there!  hehe


Mom said...

How cute! What a great surprise! Good job Adam!

Melanie said...

I love the look of the dark wood next to the blue walls! Soooo cute :)

caryl.mqt said...

Hooray for Daddy! What a great surprise. And hooray for both of you--William's room looks so warm and welcoming. Love the furniture and the color.


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