Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 9.2.10

  • Going "Home" - OK, so I haven't lived in my parent's house for about 10 years now, but when I make the trip, I still call it "home."  Adam and I have made a wonderful home in Illinois but I guess my parent's house will always have that place in my heart.  I'm visiting "home" this weekend and can't wait to see my family!
  • Adam's t-shirts - After several times of me walking around in my t-shirts and Adam asking me if my belly was cold, he got the hint.  My belly was hanging out of the bottom of all of my normal t-shirts and he kindly gave me a selection and put them in my dresser drawer.  I'm drowning in the chest and sleeves, but my belly fits just right.  Hehe.
  • Our garage - We have lived in our house for about a year now and I'm still in love with the garage.  I think a garage is one of those things you don't really 'need' until you have one!  I love being able to pull right in while it's pouring down rain and unload my groceries, completely dry.  Winter isn't as bad knowing I will not have to wake up and scrape frost and snow and ice off my car in the morning.  It's just nice to have.
  • Web Cams - I love where I live in Peoria.  I love the city, I enjoy my job, I love our house, I love Adam's family being close.  There are plenty of times I miss being near my immediate and extended family though.  There have been plenty of birthday parties or graduation parties or other family get-togethers that I have missed over the past few years and I've missed seeing the fam for each, especially all the kiddies that are growing up so fast!  This past weekend, when everyone was together at my parent's house, we were able to sign on to the trusty web cam so I could see the kiddies and family!  There might not have been hugs and kisses, but just seeing them and hearing them all together gave me a taste of family again that might normally be reserved when we make it to town for holidays!

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caryl.mqt said...

I'm smilin' cuz I moved out of my parents' home and haven't lived in Peoria for 45 years, but when we're heading there, I almost always say (or think), "we're going home." So I get what you're feeling, Steph.


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