Monday, September 6, 2010

Visit with Family

Weekend in Cincinnati to make a quick visit with family!

The drive was 8 hours, instead of the normal 5, because I-74 was closed down.  I took advantage of this by making the best of it, rolling down the car windows and enjoying the most beautiful day ever and started finishing up my book in the car.  (we weren't moving, don't worry)  The woman in the car next to me called me "a soldier" since I'm so pregnant and didn't have to run into the trees to go to the bathroom.  HA!

It was a great weekend - visits with family, good food, shopping for baby with Mom and Mel!

There was also a surprise visit from my favorite kiddies that I haven't seen in forever!!  After missing seeing them last weekend, they made the trip down from Columbus to visit!!  It was a wonderful surprise!!  Also got to see Mason-butt too!!!

Surprise visit from Sam, Jeb and Ellie - they are so big!!!

Mason!!  He can't help but be cute....

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