Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 9.23.10

Is it Thursday already?  How has a week gone by already in what felt like 45 minutes?  Work has been getting much busier, I've had filled evenings and my sis and Jaclyn came to visit this past weekend to throw me a baby shower!  I can hardly believe it's about that time for another weekend already - trust me, I'm not complaining!!

Plenty to be thankful for!!

  • Flip Flops - OK, so this might not be the thing I'm MOST thankful for - but with my swelling and my compromised and limited bending ability - socks and shoes just aren't an option and I love all my sandals that I can just throw on with no worries.  Only problem.....what happens when the temperatures start to drop....hmm....tricky tricky.....
  • My Friends - Jaclyn and my sister drove over 5 hours each to Peoria to throw me a baby shower.  My friends all got together at my house for the shower on Sunday.  Me?  I had an amazing time spending time with my girlies and getting baby stuff to prepare for William!  I understand that things will be changing in about 8 weeks or so, but I just want them to know that I'm so thankful for them all and all their love and support!  It made me giggle, all my engineering girlfriends trying to work together to set up the bassinet while my sister started organizing other things in William's room!  Those ladies could rule the world!  hehe
  • A Healthy Pregnancy - I have been very blessed up to this point to have a very healthy pregnancy.  Besides some of my complaining for some normal pregnancy side effects, I can't really complain as things have been very smooth and I have a growing, kicking baby boy inside me!
  • A good laugh - I'm a fan of anything that will make me laugh - whether that means I'm laughing with friends or family or at a good TV show or at myself (and I do that one a lot!), I enjoy it!  Adam and I watched the new episode of Modern Family last night - seriously just 30 minutes of some good laughs!  They had us cracking up!  If you watched - I can't wait to look forward to the "cool chair that goes up the stairs."  HA!

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Jaclyn said...

Watched "Modern Family" for like the second or third time Wednesday. It's fabulous. My favorite line of television all week came from it: "This is my Vietnam. And I was in Vietnam."


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