Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I couldn't have said it better myself.....

I am always on the look out for blogs to read - I'm loving to read up on other moms' stories and lessons learned and suggestions regarding children or fun gadgets or their journey and suggestions to going green.  I've been finding excellent resources through the blogs I follow and am quite enjoying reading up on the stories (of complete strangers!).

I found a new blog today that I now follow and there is a recent post regarding a topic I am very passionate about - breastfeeding and more specifically breastfeeding in public.  Her post puts into words what I have not been able to do completely successfully and I think everyone should definitely check it out:

Mommy Made Green:  My First Offensive Post

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Emily said...

Thanks for the link! I am following you now! You have acute blog and I love your writing style!


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