Monday, September 13, 2010

Decision #949 while preparing for baby

So Adam and I have started our childbirth classes at the hospital.  It's a four week series, for a total of 12 hours.  I had just about no expectations going in....I figured it'd be important to learn whatever they had to offer considering I'll be pushing a watermelon out a very small part of my body in a few short months - and who couldn't use more information about how to do that successfully??

So far, us parents-to-be are learning the stages of labor, breathing techniques, partner tips, pain relief ideas, best positions for labor and best positions for pushing - who would have thought you don't actually just breath like "hee hee who" on your back in bed like they do in the movies?  We have watched several videos of births and women in labor - all women who have opted for the natural avenue.  I'm pretty sure they picked the toughest, most pain-tolerant women on earth to shoot in these videos as to not scare everyone into not coming back to class or to hopefully get more women to go the natural route, instead of to epidural-land.  I have even been inspired by these videos thinking that I might be capable of such a feat - I mean, my body was designed to do this, right?

I have previously joked that there are two ways this baby can come into this world:  1)  with mommy screaming and cursing and yelling (kind of like the exorcist without the twisting of my head all the way around)  2)  with mommy being much more enjoyable to be around.  I'll let you figure out which one is which....

So, I had always just assumed I would have an epidural - why endure the horrendous amount of pain if I didn't absolutely need to?  After learning more about labor and delivery, I'm starting to at least consider the alternative.  Here is my thought process for each:

One ticket to epidural-land, please....choo-choo.....
  1. pain during the hardest parts of labor and delivery....yes, please
  2. So the first words to my son aren't "You are grounded until you are 30 - that REALLY hurt mommy!"
  3. If something were to happen and I needed an emergency c-section, I wouldn't be knocked out for the birth of my son - this might not be as likely, but it's something that terrifies me!!  To possibly miss out on being awake for the birth.
  4. It's pretty hard to fathom what labor feels like until you are knocking on its door, right?  But I'm pretty sure they don't make women screaming like they do during labor/delivery in movies for the dramatic effect....I'm pretty dang scared of the pain!
  5. I very well could be growing the world's largest baby at this very moment...can you say 12 pounder?  That's quite a large object to be pushed thru any of hole of anyone's body.
N is for natural....
  1. I'd definitely be more in control of my body during this process - I will be able to walk and move around, less likely to have intervention (such as needing Pitocin or delivery with forceps) which could possibly lower my risk of having to have a c-section (who knew?).  I'll know when I'm ready to push and will be able to work with my body thru labor instead of depending on a monitor or a nurse.  Oh, and no catheter.
  2. For the rest of our lives I would be able to use this as leverage to ask Adam to do something - "I gave birth to our children...naturally...can you, please, paint the kitchen?"  HA just kidding.
  3. I think I would definitely have a sense of accomplishment and empowerment afterwards.  I'm sure I would regardless of what method I choose, but something about being able to work with my body to accomplish this would be something quite amazing.  And again, this is how the body was designed to do it.
  4. A bonding experience with Adam - this could be something that Adam and I work together to manage my pain and to find ways to get thru each contraction using breathing and relaxation and other pain management methods.  This, of course, would not work out if the pain is much worse than I imagine and I just become violent towards Adam - hitting him and throwing hospital objects at him for putting me in this position.  So this choice could go either way.  HA!  [and no joke - one of the videos of a woman going thru a contraction, she was hitting her husband in a rhythmic pattern while performing breathing techniques - hilarious!]
So it all really comes down to what I want and what is best for me and baby.  So I think I might go forward with an open mind of my two options...with perhaps a mindset leaning a little more in favor of buying that train ticket......

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