Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 Weeks is a Lifetime Away!

Doctor appointment yesterday - pretty routine.  Found the baby's heartbeat again....[sigh of relief].....160 beats per minute.

Although the only sign of life inside me has been my expanding belly, it's such a great feeling to hear the heartbeat again!

Anatomy sonogram scheduled for 4 weeks from now - July 15th.  4 weeks?!?!  That's forever away! 

That's 4 more weeks until we can see our baby again.  Another 4 weeks to wait to make sure that the baby is healthy and developing properly.  A long 4 weeks to find out if our "large baking potato" (that's the size the baby is this week - not as cute sounding as a blueberry or peanut) is a boy or a girl!

Countdown - 28 days away......

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