Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's not ALL bad (additions)

Recently, I posted about some of the positive things of pregnancy.  My cousin, Meredith, gave some great additions and they were too good to not include!

Meredith wants us not to forget about these:
  1. You don't have a period!!!!!  (pretty damn important)    [my note:  how could I have forgotten about this!!  Duh!!!]
  2. People will let you cut in line in the bathroom once you're huge because they remember the feeling of your bladder about to explode even though you just peed 10 minutes ago.   [my note:  ok, here's one with a pro and a con - con:  you have to pee all the time....urgently.  pro:  aren't people nice!]
  3. People hold doors open for you because you're showing and doors are far too heavy for preggo people.  [my note:  bring on the door opening!  I will milk this puppy dry!]
  4. People don't look at you funny when you're huge and inhaling all your food when you go out to eat.  [my note:  I'm totally used to people staring at me when I eat, so this will be a pleasant change]
  5. The most amazing feeling in the world is when you feel your baby kick for the first'll bring tears to your eyes.  [my note:  I am literally holding my breath waiting to feel this.  I know it should happen soon.  I lay in bed at note, concentrating to see if I feel any little flutter or 'bubble'!  Can't wait!!!]
  6. The best part:  in a mere 40 weeks, you will have horrible pain and push out something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a grape (pretty) and you will look at the most beautiful thing in the world....and it will all be forgotten.  You will love something more than you ever have in your entire life.  The last 40 weeks will mean have something that is medically half of you, but will be all yours forever.  It will make you cry because there will be no other feeling in the world!!  [my note:  .....the reason I want to be a mom - to feel that type of love!]
Meredith also adds:
"I'm so glad you get to go through this...Being a mother is the best job, and I know you'll be great at it!!!  You will look down at that wet, bloody, blob and know the true meaning of love.  I know I"m doing a poor job of describing it....but soon enough you'll know exactly what I mean!!!"

I'm looking forward to that experience so much!!!  And anyone reading will be sick of me talking about it until I have my own little blob to blog about!!

Meredith's "wet, bloody blob" is Mason!!!  He is three and is about the cutest kid in the world.....

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