Monday, June 28, 2010

Help Support Donna - No Chocolate for a month!

In support of our friend, Donna Peters, who has now been fighting cancer for a year now, friends have created a group to not eat chocolate for a month!  Let me explain.

Donna is unable to eat food for the next month or so and in support of her throughout, a Facebook group has been created to not eat her favorite food during the month - chocolate.

FB Group Description:
Out friend Donna Peters has been fighting ovarian cancer for a year now.  She has met every challenge with courage, determination and grace.  Her attitude and strength are amazing.  Due to her illness, she is unable to eat any solid food for about a month.  As a show of support and love for Donna, we are not going to eat her favorite food, chocolate, until she is able to do so.  Please join us in supporting our dear friend in her fight.

So up chocolate for a few weeks to show our support?  There are harder fights that are being fought.

Join:  I will not each chocolate until Donna can eat it!

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